Monday, January 5, 2009

Suburban Birds, Winter, and Beer

I woke this morning to no Internet. Ack…panic. After a quick look around, we found the back porch ground fault had been tripped again, which strangely, powers our cable modem and router in the basement, the TV in the living room, and the 2 little bird Jacuzzis on the back porch. So, my poor little wild birdies were suffering in the cold. They have become accustomed to the warm, steamy water and who can blame them. Not wasting any time, I found a really long extension cord I could stretch to the side of the house where a functioning socket is. Now we are back in business, and my birds are happy again. Can you imagine what real wild birds think of our suburban wild birds, “Pets,” they probably smirk as they fly over and see the softies lounging in the water sipping at a cold brew.

…this is just funny and cool. I thought I’d do a quick Internet search for a beer with a bird on it to go with this blog, and instead I found the International Bird Beer Label Association (IBBLA). Their mission is to foster a worldwide appreciation of birds and brew. I was the 11,007th person to visit the site, so bird beer must be big. They report in their fun facts, “The most commonly featured group of birds on beer labels is the eagles, with a majority of these American Bald Eagles. Hawks represent the 2nd most commonly featured group of birds on beers, followed closely by waterfowl and gulls.” Go to their site for species photos.

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