Monday, January 26, 2009

Red-shouldered Hawk Stops for Breakfast

A gruesome sight greeted Matty as he walked into the kitchen this morning. A Red-shouldered Hawk flew across the yard and swooped down on a little grey vole. With the vole dangling from his talons, he flew to the willow tree to eat him.

As I was getting ready, I heard Matty shout from the other room, “Mom, come quick! You’ve got to get a picture of this!!” There was no time for setup, so we just shot the photo through the back door glass, hoping for the best. Thanks to Matty’s sharp eye, we see the other side of nature, just as important, just not as cute.


Heather said...

Good for Matty! I always love hearing when kids get psyched about nature, both the glamorous and the gruesome.

Kelly said...

...thanks, Heather. I passed on your message to Matty and showed him your dogs. He loves them!!