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Friday, November 26, 2010

Snowy Egrets...and the Oxbow Fundraiser I'm writing this post, big, white, fluffy snowflakes are falling to the ground--perfect for a "Snowy" Egret post! It's about 1:15 a.m now....quiet and still...and so pretty.

I wish I could say I photographed these beautiful Snowy Egrets in Cincinnati, but I didn't (I photographed them at the Pinckney Island NWR in Hilton Head back in June)....but, I could have if I were at the Oxbow on May 18 and August 14 of this year because Snowy Egrets were there too. I know...Snowy Egrets in Cincinnati? They are pretty rare around here, but we can still find them every now and then at the Oxbow. I just wanted to remind everyone about the Oxbow fundraiser going on today at the Mason Wild Bird Center. Door goodie bags to the first 100 customers...yummy holiday snacks...a raffle with over $1000.00 of prizes (like a Charlie Harper lithograph....really nice binoculars....and much more including prints of several of my bird paintings). You can also buy packs of my art notecards and prints of my bird paintings with 100% of the cost going to the Oxbow. The owners, Mary and Mike, are going to match dollar for dollar all funds raised. Wow!

I'm a Snowy Egret, and I don't hang out much in Cincinnati, but when I can find me at the Oxbow!

The Oxbow is an important fall and spring migratory staging area. Resting and refueling at the Oxbow wetlands helps thousands of birds make it to their southern wintering grounds in the autumn and their northern nesting areas in the spring.

We are so lucky a group of concerned citizens got together in the early 80s and pooled their money to save the wetlands. Because of them, this important migratory staging area remains...and our birds are safe for a little longer.

Help keep my habitat safe! Stop by the Mason Wild Bird Center today for their four-year anniversary celebration and the Oxbow fundraiser!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Blue Figures out the new Peanut Feeder

A couple of weeks ago, I was in my favorite bird store, Mary and Patrick's Wild Bird Center of Mason, when I saw a new peanut feeder. I bought some peanuts in the shell and brought the feeder home, and for 2 weeks it hung there with nothing even giving it the eye, but on Monday, while it was snowing, Blue suddenly figured it out and started nabbing the nuts. Later in the day, I saw a Tufted Titmouse stop by, but he didn’t take a peanut. He just looked at it. The Blue Jays (five in all) would take turns flying in, grabbing a peanut, and then flying out. It was fun to watch.

Blue finally lands on the feeder and takes a look.

He sees it's filled with peanuts in the shell and grabs one.

...but there is no sticking around. 
As soon as he has the peanut, it's lift off!

Throughout the week, the Blue Jays and the squirrels were the biggest customers and were really fun to watch. But...the Tufted Titmouse is hanging around more and more and loves the peanuts! Even a Carolina Wren dropped in for a visit, but he didn't take a nut. The feeder is a really fun addition to the backyard, and we love it. I can't wait until the Red-bellied Woodpeckers start coming to it. 

...let's hope Red figures it out too!