Friday, January 23, 2009

Bip-cam Friday: Don't hate me because I'm beautiful...and have great jewelry.

Bip, our very sweet Cornish Rex cat.


nina said...

I bet she likes to snuggle.

RuthieJ said...

what a pretty kitty. Does it get cold in the wintertime--especially those huge ears? My cat's ears are always cold this time of year and she likes to snuggle with me under the covers when I go to bed (keeps me warm too!)

Kelly said...

Hi Nina and Ruthie! Yes, because Cornish Rex cats don't have the outer guard hairs, they are always looking for warmth. Sometimes they are called neck jewelry because they like to snuggle up on the neck for warmth. He's always on someone's lap or climbing under blankets to snuggle up. He's very much like a dog and even fetches. A lot of people make fun of him and call him "rat cat" because of his skinny tail or "bat cat" because of his very large ears. Either way, he is very, very sweet.