Sunday, January 4, 2009

First Bird Guide

I started this blog from the very beginning, so I guess I’ll continue with that thread. We all have first bird memories. Here are a few of mine (let me know yours!). My mom and dad (Joni and Jerry) gave me a deck of bird flash cards when I was a kid, and that pretty much sealed the deal on my birdophilia. The cards came in a box called Teach me about Birds, Flash Cards in Full Color. I still have them. Notice “Red” on the cover?

As an aside, Aunt Pat and Uncle John sighted two Eastern Bluebirds at their little get-away cabin in Ripley (Brown County, OH) on New Year’s Day. We are calling it a good omen and doubly so, two Bluebirds of Happiness on the first day of the year can only mean good things are comin’. Oh, and look Aunt Pat, there's a nice flash card of the Eastern Bluebird for you ...and to honor Aunt Diane for being my first follower and making the first comment, a Back-capped Chickadee and a Brown Pelican flash card! ...and mom, the American Bald Eagle flash card was suspiciously missing from the deck. Would you happen to know where it is?

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