Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Random Red Sighting: Who's that pecking at my window?

It started with Gail and Maria and The Red Express, but it seems to be sweeping the Mason/Cincinnati/Centerville area. Kristi just emailed me with another Random Red Sighting. For the past three days, poor Red has been pecking all day at her back window. It’s driving her hubby crazy, but Kristi, being a fellow bird watcher and enthusiast, enjoys Red’s special attention. No doubt the fellow is trying to find the peanuts and is hoping Kristi understands bill tapping and will show him the way.

…and Cindy, with camera in hand, braved the cold and hid in the bushes with branches and leaves taped to her coat and hat as camouflage, and captured Red deep in thought (we think), dreaming of the day he will find the peanuts.

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