Saturday, January 10, 2009

Do you remember these good-looking fellows?

Last January, Bill spotted a flock of Horned Larks foraging out in the field next to our office and the golf course. After a week or so, we started putting out some seed to entice them to hang around, which they did. Here are a few shots my husband, Rick the Reluctant Birder, took. He may be a reluctant birder, but he is a Diligent Bird Photographer and will spend hours getting the perfect shot for me.

These shots were taken on February 24 and the flock had grown to about 45 birds by then. We used our car as a bird blind, hiding behind the hood, and spent about 2 hours photographing the little fellows. It was so beautiful in the snow.

I looked in my bird journal to confirm the information and on Jan 31 I had written,
Bill said he thought he saw some Horned Larks yesterday, so on my way to the office, I drove through the golf course to check. Wow! So easy to miss, so easy to see. When not looking closely they just look like little brown numbers, but when you slow down and study them, the yellow on their face and throats and the black horns pop right out. So beautiful and cool.

From the Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s All About Birds:
The only true lark native to North America, the Horned Lark is a common, widespread bird of open country. Adult Horned Larks eat primarily weed and grass seeds, but they feed insects to their young. They are declining in most of their range.


nina at Nature Remains. said...

I would love to see these! Every year I hope, but seem to miss.

Kelly said...

We've been watching for them this year, but they haven't shown up yet. If they do, I'll post right away! Thanks!

Mike said...

I love those shots. The Horned Larks I ran into this month have really given me the run around!

Kelly said...

Thanks, Mike! I'll let Rick know. I ran up to the field today to see if any had returned but no luck. Last year they showed on Jan 30. I hope they come back.