Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Will today be the last day for our American Tree Sparrows?

Usually the sun keeps away from our north-facing kitchen window, but for a brief time in the morning a few rays creep into the tree and on the feeder just outside the window. The other morning, as I was getting ready to fry an egg, I peeked out and saw the sun lighting up the browns in this American Tree Sparrow' feathers as it nipped at the thistle. The browns were so rich and warm I let out an "ooohhh......" and ran for the camera!

The sun enhanced the brown feathers on this 
tree sparrow, making them glow with warmth.

I will miss this little fellow and his flock because they kept us entertained all winter. After the big snow, we had 20+ eating, flitting, twittering and looking cute daily at the kitchen window feeders. The entire month of February was an American Tree Sparrowfest. All you had to do was glance out the window to find either a small group or the whole flock busily going about their business, which usually involved eating seeds, twittering, or looking up at me as I cracked the kitchen window to listen to them! 

A brave little fellow, he would barely flinch as I cracked 
the kitchen window for better viewing and listening!

I wonder how much longer they will be around…will today be the last day? I’m keeping track. Three were at the feeder this morning, but when I came home late this afternoon, there were none. In their place will come the Chipping Sparrows, but they are usually not as feeder friendly, preferring instead, the insects found in the grasses in our back yard. That’s okay. I will set up a portable bird blind and watch the chippy little cuties hopping around scoring invertebrates off the grasses, and I'll snap their pictures in the sun too.

Click here for a previous post on American Tree Sparrows, and a little more information on them.


Laure Ferlita said...

Absolutely beautiful photos! The bird just glows from that gorgeous light. It's so sad to see them go even knowing others will take their place.

Since they had such good grub at your place, I'm sure they'll be back!!

Shelley said...

The sun hit his feathers so beautifully! Nice photos!!

Roy said...

Definitely nice shots!

Yeah, we'll be losing our White-Throated Sparrows soon enough. Not quite yet, but in about a month. I'll miss their mournful little song.

E said...

All the pics, beautiful, the colors of the fathers are unique and lovely.
Hugs, Kelita, congrats.

Chris said...

HI Kelly,
Everything has an end, and while these guys might fly to other places, other will come to feast in your garden. This is the cycle of life :-) These are really nice shots and I hope you will be able to do more next year!!

Anonymous said...

Well at least you can be pleased that you helped the Tree Sparrows get through the winter Kelly.

Kim said...

Such pretty birds and wonderful photos. I have seen quite a few of those recently and wonder when they will be headed up north.

Jayne said...

Nothing common looking about that LBJ. The colors are beautifully warm and lovely. :c)

Warren Baker said...

Cracking capture Kelly! Do the tree sparrows migrante then?

Unknown said...

They look lovely in the sunlight.


FAB said...

I'm envious of the numbers you get Kelly. Say farewell & look forward to the the next cast to enter stage left. Lol FAB

Kelly said...

Laure...I'm waiting for all the spring birds to arrive! It makes winter fun when the snow birds move in!

Shelley...thank you!

Roy...I lost our white-throats about 3 weeks ago...no explanation for that. It's way to early.

Enita...Thank you! The sun has a way of enhancing, especially at an odd angle...

Chris...yes...next year I'll post the first Tree Sparrow of winter!! Thanks!

Roy...thanks! That's true. They had it easy at our house!

Kallen...they were missing again today, so i think the last of the lot left yesterday. It's exciting for them, and everyone up north gets to entertain them now. Let's hope they have lots of babies!

Jayne...you are so right. LBJs are beautiful when those chocolate brown feathers take the stage!

Warren...Yes, sir, they do! They head up north....way up north to Manitoba to breed. They have a very long trip ahead of them!

Paul...thank you!!!

FAB (so glad to see those letters!)...yes, I'm waiting for the spring migrants to arrive on the scene. They won't be in my back yard, but I'll be able to find them in the woods. I hope I can get some nice shots of the Chipping Sparrows which are similar looking.