Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Interviewed by Erin Shaw on her TV show "Nature's Corner!"

I was recently interviewed by Erin Shaw, an ODNR park naturalist for Caesar Creek State Park, on the TV show "Nature's Corner." Erin is the host of the show and made the experience fun and exciting. Erin is a naturalist extraordinaire and this August was named the Ohio State Parks' Naturalist of the Year! I was so nervous on the show and worried my spazzzzy tendencies might show through, but Erin reigned me in and kept me in line. We talked about my book "Sketching in the Wild," made a little owl out of clay, visited with a Screech Owl, and talked about tips for photographing birds in winter. We also talked about the Little Miami River and how I draw much of my inspiration for paintings and photos from it.

A little Dark-eyed Junco from my backyard graces the splash screen of the TV show "Nature's Corner." Erin Shaw, the host of the show, interviewed me a few weeks ago about birds, field sketching, photography, and painting.

The show will air on Monday, November 24 on Lebanon's Channel 6. Daily airtimes are 8:00 am, 1:00 pm and 8:30 pm. You can watch the show anytime online by clicking here.  Also on the show is Ken Simmons who carves birds out of wood. He talks about his process for carving the birds, which is interesting. You can watch his segment, or just click on my name to skip ahead.

The first edition of my book, "Sketching in the Wild!" is completely sold out. I'm working on the second edition which will include a chapter on frogs, turtles, and snakes. It will be out by February. I'll post on the blog, when it's ready for purchase. 

If you want further instructions for the little owl I made in the video, click here for an older post with step-by-step directions.