Monday, February 2, 2009

A White-crowned Sparrow Couple

The male White-crowned Sparrow is such a striking bird. I love the combination of his black and white crown and orange bill. In Larry's photo, he has caught a male and a juvenile together. The juvenile isn't quite as flashy, but in this photo the raised rusty cap and profile are irresistible.  

Cool Facts about White-crowned Sparrows taken from Cornell’s All About Birds:
A young male White-crowned Sparrow learns the basics of the song it will sing as an adult during the first two or three months of its life. It does not learn directly from its father, but rather from the generalized song environment of its natal neighborhood.

Because male White-crowned Sparrows learn the songs they grew up with and do not travel far from where they were raised, song dialects frequently form. Males on the edge of two dialects may be bilingual and able to sing both dialects.

I like the way Larry framed the bird's head 
between the vines in this photo.


Roy said...

Interesting. We don't get those here in RI; I had to look them up in my Audubon. Definitely a handsome Sparrow!

Kelly said... my house, they aren't quite as abundant as the white-throated sparrows, so they become even more special.

Kallen305 said...

Wonderful photos. I don't see them here in MA either.

Alan said...

Nice capture! I always like it when you can get the male and female in the same photo.

Chris said...

Wonderful Kelly. I did not know this bird.. Cool pictures!!! Congrats...

Kelly said...

Thanks, Chris!