Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Spring is creeping ever nearer...

I just got a nice little message from WordGirl about the mallards in her pond this morning:
The boy ducks were swimming around bobbing their heads, asking the girl ducks if they were interested. The girl ducks were swimming around, ignoring the boy ducks (so far). Spring is coming.
…and here’s a beautiful and interesting photo 
of Lady Mallard from my cousin, R.

As an aside...As I left work today I was not looking forward to dashing across the parking lot in a cold, driving rain, but instead, I stepped out into a warm, spring-like downpour and 60 degrees! It felt good, and I had to remind myself that it is still February. Unfortunately, as I type this, a cold front is barreling towards us with a chance of tornados and severe storms. Sounds like spring...


Kallen305 said...

It was wonderful weather here today too Kelly. Boy does it feel nice.

Your friends words are music to my ears!! Spring is another day closer!

Steve B said...

Yup, spring is coming. There has been a pair of Eared Grebes haning out in my "front lawn" the last few days. I heard a Tufted Titmouse calling they way they do in the Spring. Yes, I think it may happen. But those of us in New England know that it is still February!

Roy said...

Ayuh! Another New Englander here, saying "Don't get too cozy with the warm weather this week; we always get the worst of the Winter storms after the February thaw." The snow shovel is still withing easy reach!

Shellmo said...

It was in the mid fifties here in Michigan today but rainy! I love the downward shot of this duck photo!

RuthieJ said...

I have to say that here in Minnesota even a "false spring" is better than no mid-winter thaw at all (although it does make the remaining wintery weeks that much harder to tolerate!)
I hope those bad storms go around you Kelly!

Kelly said...

Kallen: Glad you experienced some warm temps too!
Steve:'s still February is right!!
Roy: also here, our worst storm last year was in March!
Shelley: Thanks, I thought it was the flash of blue.
Ruthie: The storms blew past us, but the nature center had some problems...I'll blog about that tonight. (as for the spring-like weather in winter, you are right!)
...seems like we're all in agreement!!