Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Ice shots...

When I started to write this entry, my fingers were still frozen from a 20-minute romp outside filling the bird feeders...and I was wearing gloves! That's why it always amazes me how these little birds can survive day after day, night after night, and year after year in these frigid, unfriendly temperatures. Such sweet, strong creatures…always pure and always matter what the weather.

Freezing weather cannot subdue this little guy’s spirit.
The ice just makes him look cuter...and brighter...

A Carolina Wren is caught in a sunbeam, 
making his chest glow. He looks nice and warm 
even though he’s sitting on an icy branch. 

This juvenile White-crowned Sparrow doesn't seem 
unhappy with the ice...stunning as usual. 

...and the male white-crowned, dapper. 
Not a worry on his brow. 

Red, you look like you need a peanut. Come on over 
to my place. I don't think you're going to get anything
out of those ice-encased seed heads any time soon.

...and Mrs. Red, I'm with you...ready for spring!

Thanks for the shots, Larry. You help bring Red and the Peanut to life.


Snowbabies said...

Beautiful images in the snow and ice :-)


Kallen305 said...

Wonderful pictures. I love the white crowned, as I have never seen one before.

Nick S said...

Lovely photos Kelly. You get some great birds over there.
PS.Your female White-crowned Sparrow is actually a juvenile as both sexes look alike :-)

Kelly said...

Thanks, Nick!!!! I wondered about that...I saw a juvenile had the brown stripes in a book, but wasn't paying attention to the fact the male and female looked alike. Now I know!!!

Shellmo said...

All these birds looks so bright and beautiful -lovely to see!!

Ms. ~K said...

I think we need to put little booties on the birdies to keep their "tootsies" warm-chuckle!I found you through Shelley's Birding in Michigan...So glad I did!
I'll be back for sure,

Warren Baker said...

Stunning Photo's of stunning birds, well done!

The Early Birder said...

Loved the pics especially the male white-crowned, what a striking individual. FAB

Kelly said...

Snowbabies: Thanks! This weather is right down your alley!

Kallen: Thank you...they are sweet birds!

Nick: Thanks again for the info. I appreciate it.

Shellmo: Thanks...I'd still like you to send one of your redpolls down!!

Ms. K: Welcome to Red! I'm glad you dropped by. Well, I went to your site and fell in love with your adorable dogs!! I'm going to show them to my son, Matty, who loves all animals, especially dogs and cats.

Warren: Thank you...and thanks for dropping by! I checked out your site too and loved the fox and the owl especially. I enjoy seeing all the European for me! Your starling post was interesting. We have a starling roost about 2 miles from our house. Last months they all flew into our neighborhood -- they were like a swarm, and it was spectacular.

Early Birder: I'm glad you dropped by! I am enjoying your posts. The recent post of the Collard Doves was interesting. The bird is gorgeous, and I enjoyed reading the history. I still love that little Robin.

troutbirder said...

Those pictures are just stunning! I think I need a better camera!

Heather said...

I always wonder, too, how these little tiny birds can survive the cold of winter. It's one thing to puff out your feathers, but really, how warm can that get you?! I can only hope that our feeding and love for them helps warm them a little. BTW, loved the Wren pictures. I've barely seen our Wrens this winter, and I miss them dearly!

Kelly said...

Troutbirder...thank you!!!

Heather...I'll pass on the complements...our wren is around every day. He is so cute.