Monday, February 16, 2009

I miss our little rubies and emeralds...

I've really enjoyed the January and February snows. So many beautiful birds visit my feeders during the snowstorms, and Red looks exceptionally pretty against the white, so I haven't started in with that I-can't-wait-for-the-sun-to-take-over thing yet, but this evening, I made the mistake of looking at some pics of summer...warm, lovely summer filled with summer birds and summer flowers, and I started to get...antsy. Not good. It's way too early to start thinking about open windows, warm breezes, and cherry tomatoes plucked right off the vine for lunch.

...but we can start thinking about our little rubies and emeralds, because they are starting to think about us and their Big Fly north:

Photos Rick took of one of our female 
Ruby-throated Hummingbirds

Beginning February 5th, weekly spring migration updates will be posted here every Thursday, from February to June. Get ready to track the migration! Hummingbirds will move north to nest and travel across the continent. Find out how to report your sightings and track the migration on real-time maps.
This is a really fun site. If you haven't tried it out yet, give it a look.


Roy said...

I know we get Hummingbirds here, and lots of people have feeders out for them, but I've yet to see one. Maybe this year...

Kallen305 said...

Such lovely photos. I miss the hummers too and can't wait to put out my first feeder in mid April. I miss them too!

Warren Baker said...

Do you know Kelly, I didn't even see the Humming bird in the first pic, the flowers took my eye. Know what you mean about the wanting of summer all of a sudden!

Shellmo said...

They are so magical! Beautiful photos!!!

Kelly said... hummers love this blue flower. I think it's called Black and Blue Salvia (Sage). They pass up the feeders for the flower. I plant it in pots on the deck. Give it a try.
Kallen...they are so much it when that "buzz" comes out of nowhere and then that squeaky little call.
Warren... :-)
Shelley...thank you!