Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Stylized Bird Paintings...for the challenge

Painting stylized birds was something new for me. My brother, Bill, and my son, Matty, are both cartoonists, and they can create the coolest iconic images, Rick can too, but realism always seems to flow out of my paintbrush and capturing a stylized image is hard for me, but this time, I tried to boil things down to symbols and let loose. It was fun!

Painting #42, Green Air Currents, Energy or Love Flowing Around Little Red Bird
Acrylic on Canvas Paper, 6"x12"

I love this painting. It makes me feel good when I look at it. I can feel all the swirls of energy and love. I'd be happy wearing this little guy on a t-shirt!

Painting #43, Red Air Currents, Energy, or Love Flowing Around Little Green Bird
Acrylic on Canvas Paper, 6"x12"

...love this one too. Little Green Bird has a lot of love around him. I'd be happy with this image on a t-shirt also...

Painting #44, A Cliché Stylized Bird in Flight...BUT it’s in the moonlight, and it’s migrating, so it’s okay.
(or...Bird Lit By the Light of the Silvery Moon in October)
Acrylic on Acrylic Paper, 9"x12"

Matty called me on this one. He said, "Mom, that bird in flight has been done so much. It's overused."
"I know..." I told him, "but....that's the point, the name of the piece is 'A Cliché Stylized Bird in Flight...BUT it's in the Moonlight, and it's Migrating, so it's Okay. (or...Bird Lit By the Light of the Silvery Moon in October).' "
"That's a long title," he said, "but I like it."
"Good...I just made it up."

Painting #45, The Berries are Right Behind You, Little Bird!
Acrylic on Acrylic Paper, 9"x12"

...totally symbolic. The berries represent creativity, and I'm the bird. I feel like creativity is lurking just behind me. I have to reach back there and grab the berries...I just can't see them yet. This painting took so may stages...at the end, I painted over it in a disgusting blue-green color that almost made me hurl, but quickly I grabbed the palate knife and scraped off the nastiness. This cool Little Red Bird popped out as I scraped away...along with the bright greens and yellows.

Painting #46, Stylized LBJ (but I think it's a Savannah Sparrow) in a Blaze of Autumn Color
Acrylic on Canvas Paper, 6"x12"

Do you see that Little Brown Jobbie in the middle of the field? I'm sure it's a Savannah...in a shadow.

Painting # 47, Für Sarah und Alyssa
Three Halloween Pumpkins and Three Little Black Birds in Pointy Witch Hats
Acrylic on Canvas Paper, 6"x12"

This painting is for my nieces in Germany, Sarah and Alyssa. They like to make their own decorations to decorate their house for Halloween. This painting is an idea for them. I can tell the stylized part was fading here...it doesn't work, but the girls will like it. Hi Sarah and Alyssa!!

The 100 Bird Paintings in a Year challenge continues. I've painted a lot over the past two weeks. If I can keep it up, I'll hit 100 paintings by December 31.


Dawn said...

These are incredible.
I have to say I think the first one is my absolute favorite!!
Are you going to put all of these into a book? It would be a grand idea....:))

Elaine said...

Fun! You are catching up nicely. I like #45 and #46 best. Nice imagry in #45.

Anonymous said...

Very well done Kelly.
On the first painting, initially my eyes were drawn to the green background and I couldn't pick up on the bird until I stood back, but it became as clear as a photograph.
The Bluebird is quite amazing.

Chris said...

Cool, I love the 44 and 47... But I do not really like the others ;-) I guess it is just me... You really are an artist! Well done Kelly.

Sarah Knight said...

Looks excellent! It's fun & stimulating to try something new or different every once in a while :D

JKoenig said...

You can do the neatest things. The blue bird really jumped out at me, but I like the other also. Your descriptions make them come to life...

Wanda..... said...

Kelly your stylized birds are impressive, fell in love with the very first one, but now I can't choose a favorite, it would be either 42, 45, or 46 and those pumpkins with crows...just perfect!

These paintings would put a smile on anyone's face.

Montanagirl said...

I think you'll make it! Nice work, Kelly! You're quite creative.

Out on the prairie said...

All would make a good print, I liked them all.Great post Kelly.

grammie g said...

Hi Kelly..Oh my what great fun and and wonderful painting!!
It took a few seconds to see the first bird then it was all there but I will say #47 did take a little more to see the sparrow..absolutely fascinating work!! : }

Teri C said...

These are all so interesting and exciting Kelly.
Keep going and you will make it to that 100!

Marie said...

Totally, #45 is it for me. Often the accidents turn out the best. Love the colors, composition and the energy created by the lines.

Gaina said...

These are stunning! I haven't picked up a paintbrush for months but you're inspiring me to re-acquaint myself with them soon!

Warren Baker said...

Keep on like this Kelly you will be 'panting' not painting :-)

Kelly said...

...haha...Warren, it does feel more like panting than painting at this rate!

Thanks everyone...this was a strange one. It doesn't come naturally, but I like it. I know all the experimenting will help me when I pick up my watercolor brush again.

Laure Ferlita said...

So much fun! Love the experimental attitude and the freedom of the pieces! It will be fun to see how it effects you other work when you go back to watercolors!

E said...

Beautiful, Kelita, I like all of them, great
fantasy and magic colors. Brava!

Dave said...