Saturday, March 21, 2009

Cincinnati-area American Bald Eagle News

I just talked to Aunt Pat and Uncle John about the eagle’s nest they can see on the way to their cabin in Brown County, Ohio. The eagle couple is definitely sitting on eggs. This is their fifth year to nest there. Eagle couples mate for life. Last year, there were three babies in the nest. No babies yet this year. Only mama or papa's head can be seen popping up over the rim of the nest. Once the babies hatch out, the parents move to the side of the nest. The offspring from the first nest are now 4 years old, which means they are old enough to reproduce. Since children usually nest within 100 miles of their birthplace, there's a chance that one of the eagles on the new nest in Butler County were from this original pair. Who knows...maybe next year another of their offspring may be thinking about starting a family of his or her own near us!

I have no eagle photos yet, but Larry does. Here are a few photos he took in the the Grand Teton National Park.

I really like this photo. The eagle seems 
to be giving Larry the eye!

A sight I hope to see in Cincinnati soon!

This Wild Birds Unlimited blog has some interesting info and photos on American Bald Eagles.

Laure of Painted Thoughts sent me a link to a live Eagle Nest Cam. Click here to check it out.


Kim said...

Great shots your friend took! I hope they nest near you real soon! Just gorgeous birds!

RuthieJ said...

Nice eagle photos. Isn't it great to be able to see eagles in the wild again?

Jayne said...

That's so neat that they mate for life. It is so good to see so many of them in so many different locations now. A real success program in their conservation.

Linda McGeary said...

Kelly, you always have the most interesting pictures and posts. I love the "Eagle Eye" too, it does look like he is checking out the camera man. He probably is watching the watcher.
I nearly drive off the road trying to see them when hawks fly by if I'm going somewhere on a long stretch of highway. We have many different kinds of hawks around here.
Once, visiting my kids in Portland, we saw and owl, maybe a barn owl, huge, fly right over the car and down the road, it was just turning dusk. After getting over the startlement of something swooping over the hood of my car, the experience was to short, even though we followed him down the road a ways before he went off into the trees.
That was really cool.
Did the eagle come back for another look?

Anonymous said...

Really stunning images of the Eagle Kelly.

Warren Baker said...

What a majestic bird! No wonder it's your countries emblem.

Steve said...

Grat photos Kelly. Keep us posted on the nest.

Laure Ferlita said...

Don't know if you are aware of this site or not:

It is of an eagle's nest in Deborah, Iowa. Enjoy!!

Kelly said... was sighted about 2 miles from my house sitting on a very tall would be too cool!

Ruthie...seeing them in the wild is amazing, especially in our area, where they were absent for so long.

Jayne...when we were kids, eagles were so rare, now they are coming makes me happy too!

Linda...thank you very much!!! That must have been an amazing sight. I haven't had that happen to me yet. I had a Pileated Woodpecker swoop past my head and go straight down the path in front of me, but I'd like to see an owl do that!!
Larry said the eagle kept on flying...


Warren...and to see them back in the wild...each year their numbers growing is amazing.

Steve...will do. I want to get out their as soon as the babies hatch!

Laure...I'll check it out. I love to see live cameras. I need to add the link to the post. Thank you!

Laure Ferlita said...

Thanks, Kelly, I also realized in looking at my earlier comment it said Deborah, Iowa. It should have been Decorah, Iowa- duh!!