Sunday, January 24, 2016

Fly Red, fly!!!

Mrs. Red-shouldered Hawk is watching you...

A Red-shouldered Hawk in the mulberry tree in our backyard. 
She perched there for about 30 minutes before flying off empty-taloned. 


Sue said...

What a beauty.
And I'm always torn on this situation---I know they have to eat. I know it's part of the life cycle. But oh, my little peepers on the menu. Yikes!

Roy said...

Nice shot! I love Red-shouldereds. There's at least one who lives in the Dykeman Spring wetland who lets out with that crazy scream from time to time and sends all the little critters scrambling for the dense shrubbery.

Janice K said...

Beautiful! Last week on the day that we very cold, a hawk sat out on a tree in our valley for over three hours. The sun was shining on him, and he was enjoying it. I took some pictures, but there always seemed to be some branches getting in the way, plus he was pretty far away. At least it was fun watching him.

Kelly said...

@Sue - I know.....I guess they usually pick off the slowest birds, etc., so that should strengthen the gene pool, etc. Happy to report that no Northern Cardinals were taken as lunch!

@Roy - I know that call....and I love Red-shouldereds too. They are gorgeous birds and the warm reddish colors of their feathers really stand out in winter.

@Janice - Wow...three hours. Glad you had great views of him. I know what you mean about those pesky branches. They are always getting in the way!!! :-)

Roy Norris said...

Lovely image Kelly.
I wish all birds would hang around for 30 Minutes.{:))

Kelly said... too, Roy! The hawks oblige like that all the time. Could you imagine a chickadee doing that? :-)