Sunday, October 4, 2015

The Birding in Cincinnati website has moved...

The Birding in Cincinnati website created by Ned Keller has been absorbed into the Cincinnati Chapter of the National Audubon Society's website. Here is a quick breakdown with links:

Sightings Log
Click here for a link to the Sightings Log. It is still active. You can add sightings and see what's been seen recently in our area.

Birds of Cincinnati Frequency List
Click here for a list of birds regularly seen in our area rated for the frequency of finding them in every month of the year. The list uses finding codes from A-E and is very helpful:

      A. Easy to find; should find on over 90% of your trips.
      B. Usually find; should find on over 50% of your trips.
      C. Usually miss; should find on under 50% of your trips.
      D. Hard to find; should find on under 10% of your trips.
      E. Very hard to find; may not be present at all at this time in some years, but has occurred
           often enough to form a pattern.

Finding Codes
Click here for a detailed explanation of the finding codes (A-E).

Daily Checklist
Click here for a daily checklist. You can select a date from the drop-down list and print out a checklist specific for that date to take with you in the field (finding codes are included for that day).

Places to Bird
Click here for a list of places to bird in the Cincinnati area.

I used the bird list yesterday. A Ruby-throated Hummingbird was at our feeder throughout the day. I wanted to check on how often hummers were still in our area on Oct 3. According to the list, once October hits, Ruby-throated Hummingbirds are rated E, so I'm lucky to have one visiting our yard so late in the season. This morning, the same (or another) juvenile hummer was at the feeder, quite chubby and ready to migrate (he was similar but not as big as as "Ping Pong," from this earlier post). I'm sure he will be gone either today or tomorrow. I wonder if this will be our last hummer for the year?

Here is a glimpse at what you will find in the bird list. It's very helpful information, and I'm glad we have such a resource:

          Species               Jan   Feb   Mar  Apr     May    Jun     Jul        Aug     Sep       Oct    Nov   Dec
Ruby-throated Humm                             ED   CCBB  BBBB  BBBB  BBBB  BBCD  EE

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