Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Fundraiser for the Oxbow!

The Wild Bird Center of Mason is hosting a fundraiser for the Oxbow!
If you're a birder in the Cincinnati area, drop by the Mason Wild Bird Center the day after Thanksgiving to help raise money for the Oxbow (open 7:30 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.)--and celebrate the four-year anniversary of the store's opening! The first 100 customers will receive a free goody bag, and one of the items in it will be an art notecard from me of "Red in the Snow!" A few prints of my paintings will also be for sale along with packs of 10 note cards--all with 100% of the cost going to the Oxbow. A few prints will be given away as door prizes too (among other really cool door prizes). There will also be a raffle with over $1000.00 in prizes! The owners of the store, Mary and Patrick, are going to match dollar for dollar all funds raised during the open house, so head over and help preserve the Oxbow!

A "Red in the Snow" notecard will be one of the items in the free goody bags Mary will be handing out
to the first 100 customers at the Holiday Open House and anniversary celebration.

About the Oxbow
The Oxbow is a broad floodplain where the Great Miami River empties into the Ohio near Lawrenceburg, Indiana, seventeen miles downstream from Cincinnati. It is named for a small prehistoric horseshoe, or oxbow-shaped lake, formed when flood waters cut a new course for the Great Miami River. The Oxbow is a heavily used staging area where migrating birds refuel and rebuild their energies. The area is essential to their success on long flights between distant northern breeding grounds and southern wintering areas. The Oxbow is the most important wetland area in the mid-section of the Ohio Valley, drawing the tri-state area's largest concentrations of ducks and herons. Click here or vsit www.oxbowinc.org to read more about the Oxbow.

You can help!
Oxbow, Inc. is a nonprofit organization working to protect the Oxbow from industrial development and to preserve its floodplain so it can continue to be used as a staging area for the seasonal migrations of waterfowl. You can help preserve the Oxbow by becoming a member of Oxbow, Inc. Click here for an Oxbow membership and support form.

Details of the Holiday Open House Celebration and Oxbow Fundraiser
Friday, November 26 – 7:30am – 9:00pm
Raffle to Benefit Oxbow, $1 per ticket or $5 for 6
Over $1000 in raffle prizes! WBC to match all funds raised!
Goodie Bags to 1st 100 Customers
Holiday Snacks and Great Door Prizes
Roll the Dice for Savings up to 48% off!
Receive a $10 Birdie Buck Check with a $50 WBC gift certificate purchase


holdingmoments said...

I hope it's a great success Kelly, and that's really good of you to donate so much too.
I remember that painting; it's a beauty.

Kelly said...

...thanks, Keith. It's one of my favorite paintings of Red! We are so lucky to have the Oxbow in our town. It's such an important area for migrating birds. It's about an hour from my house. I don't get out there enough. I'm going to try to do a series on it in a couple of weeks.

Laure Ferlita said...

Woohoo! Cards and prints?!!! Proud of you, girl!

Good luck on the fundraiser too!

p.s. LOVE that red!

Anonymous said...

You have excelled yourself yet again Kelly, this is just brilliant. The way in which you have created the misty snowy barrier between the viewer and the bird is amazing.
A good cause Kelly, well done.

MjB said...

Nice idea, Kelly. It should go over well.

Take care,

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hope it's a great success, Kelly.... Love the Cardinal and Snow painting.

Happy Thanksgiving to you... Hope you have a great day/week.. After tomorrow, I'm taking some time off from blogging.

God Bless You.

Tammie said...

oh the lucky folks who get that goody bad and your card inside. This piece is wonderful and you really have captured the snow in a beautiful way. Wishing you all much success!

Elaine said...

Red in the Snow is wonderful! I'm sure your prints will go over well at the fundraiser. Hopefully the event will be very successful.

Caroline said...

Good luck Kelly! I really like your Red in the Snow - in fact I've been catching up with your posts this afternoon and see that you've been painting lots of great birds! I'm about to do the the same with some of our local feathered friends - giving the mice a rest!

Chris said...

Great idea.. I'd love to help but let say that the crisis over here is getting worse and worse ;-) I love your painting with the snow flakes! It is nice that you contributed to this nice action!

Jayne said...

What a great idea Kelly and how kind of you to donate your beautiful work. Wish I lived closer and could come bid on some of it! Love that cardinal card... wow.

Montanagirl said...

Kelly this is just an amazing piece of artwork. I'd love to purchase a set of the notecards from you!

Mary Huttlinger said...

Hi Everyone! We will also ship the cards and artwork should you not be able to visit us! All proceeds go to directly to Oxbow --cost + shipping of course. I'll work with Kelly to get copies of her prints on line as well! Call us if you want to order - 513-234-0789. Happy Birding! (ships from Ohio)

Susan said...

That Red Cardinal fairly flies off the blue! Beautiful card - and good luck with the fundraiser.

Cherrie said...

Wish I could come but it is a little to far! Beautiful!

Kelly said...

...thanks, everyone! I hope we raise a lot of money for the Oxbow. It's such a special location...

Mary said...

This is a wonderful painting! And a good cause! Our whole city sits on an oxbow of the Ohio River.