Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A very sweet Mallard couple…

…we are still stuck on last Saturday at Voice of America Park! It was such a beautiful day and the sun was so bright it made everything look extra nice, which meant I couldn’t stop clicking that camera (since then it's been horribly rainy and cold, so it's a good thing I did). This male Mallard was at the first turn in the lake. I don’t know if he thought he was hiding in the cattails, but with the sun intensifying the beautiful jewel tones in his feathers, he couldn’t have been more conspicuous, however, the lovely female was practically hidden in the reeds, and it wasn’t until she moved out into the open that we noticed her.

The males are such "dudes" with their flashy emerald 
heads, but there is something so sweet and beautiful 
in the female's face and camouflaged plumage.

Also on the lake was a small flock of American Coots swimming around like they owned the place. They were very entertaining and also very good at synchronized swimming. Near them was a cute little Pied-billed Grebe, diving, disappearing and resurfacing over and over. So cute…

I always enjoy scanning an empty pond looking for 
a solitary Pied-billed Grebe doing his diving thing! This 
guy, however, was sharing his space with the coots.

…a little later, a Horned Grebe showed up, just stopping off for a rest on his long journey north. I love it when I catch migrants passing through. It’s so exciting. These birds have so many miles to cover and so much to do when they arrive, I can’t help but marvel at them.

Not the best photo, but you can just make out 
his red eye and almost see his "horned" feathers.

Finally, when we were leaving, I noticed a small 
flock of Blue-winged Teal on the pond next to the 
lake. Not the best photo, but good enough for ID.

…and last but not least, a photo of Rick, the Spotter. I took this photo shortly before he spotted a Bobolink (our first of the year). He didn't know he was being photographed. With camera in hand, I'm slowly turning into a birding paparazzi.

Hi Spotman!


Shellmo said...

I think that's one of the most attractive mallard couples I've seen! Great shots!

Kallen305 said...

Great shots of all of the waterfowl you saw this past weekend! I would love to see all of those species in one day!

Sara-Bellum said...

Great shots!!

Jayne said...

Love your mallard couple! So cool to be able to see so many water birds.

E said...

Beautiful, Kelly, I love Rick's photo,the best, awesome guy. Al the other captures, also wonderful. Congrats.

Ginnymo said...

What beautiful photos Kelly!! I don't know one duck from another. I'm learning a lot on here..Ha!

Mary said...

Both mallards are very pretty. Her feathers have such great patterns in them and his jewel head and light feathers are so showy. Love the grebe...they are so hard to catch before they dive. I've never seen a blue-wing teal except in other blogs. Good to have a spotter along :-) Mike is always seeing things that I miss while I'm busy taking a photo of something else.

Heather said...

Those Mallards are beautiful. I especially like the female, with that nice coloring on her bill. And those little Pie-billed Grebes are the cutest. Hopefully I'll be able to spot some ducks up on Lake Logan this weekend.

JRandSue said...

Hi Kelly,just like to compliment you on your great Blog.
Love your latest images, and many thanks for your comments.

Laure Ferlita said...

I've always been partial to the female Mallard, but they are some of the meanest ducks around! At least ours are - they become very territorial about their males and will attack other females.

Love the photo of Rick! He looks a lot like Chris. Chris' hair is longer, but dark and curly with some white showing up and a bit of receding going on and chances are good I would have had to take his photo on the sly as well!

Warren Baker said...

Hope the weather improves for you again kelly. Like your photo's today, i'm learning more about your bird species each day!

Phil and Mandy said...

Much the same as Warren has said, keep up the good work. Phil and Mandy

Uncommon Depth said...

Love that photo of the mallard. It has a handmade quality that reminds me of the drawings in an old Audubon book or something! With any luck those Blue-winged teals will be nesting in our pond.

Kelly said...

Shelley...I love how they moved into a perfect pose!

Kim and Jayne...thank you!

Sara and Enita...thank you! I'll tell Rick you say hi!

Ginny...ducks are so much fun. I'm really starting to get into them!

Mary...yes, Rick has helped me find many birds. He's better at spotting than I am often!

Heather...the weather is supposed to be great. Have fun at Lake Logan. We're heading down to Clifty Falls and Muscatatuck. Hopefully I'll see some waterfowl there.

JR & Sue...thank you!!

Laure...thank you! Rick is letting his hair grow. I love his longer hair!

Warren...thank you. It's supposed to be nice Thurs, Fri and Sat. I'm heading to Clifty Falls so I hope I see some new species.

Phil & Mandy....Thank you!!!

Uncommon....I hope you do get the Blue-winged Teal nesting. That would be so much fun! I love the Audubon prints. You're right. They resemble that look!